Kitchen Display System

A kitchen display system has replaced the traditional way of writing orders on paper tickets. It has simplified things for the users and made them more efficient. Furthermore, it has enhanced the accuracy of the business by providing every detail the kitchen staff needs to know.

QR Menu

If you plan to create the menu or just modify an item, you will be surprised at how complicated the process is. However, with NYXPOS, these things will be much easier; restaurants can efficiently create their own QR menus. Users can update the menu items in a few minutes without requiring a complex procedure.

Table bookings management

The NYXPOS software is also equipped with a table management feature, just like any other POS software. The table seating feature is essential for any restaurant with table seating. Through this, you can determine the table's status at a certain time, and knowing when the tables are occupied and cleared gives you an idea of their status.

Recipe master and cost control

POS software for restaurants can also assist you in keeping track of every purchase made in your establishment. Having knowledge of the recipes that customers prefer allows the restaurant to adjust its menu accordingly. As an added benefit, the kitchen staff will easily be able to keep track of the ingredients used in the recipe so that they don't forget anything.

Stock transfer and stock adjustment

NYXPOS is the best software to use if your restaurant has multiple branches. With this tool, you will be able to manage the inventory of all your branches easily. The software allows the staff at one restaurant to request that another provide the stock, and it simplifies communication between the restaurants.

Human resource, leave for employee and payroll

The administration is the main task of the restaurant. Like any organization, you need to manage your staff in the restaurant. With the help of restaurant POS software, you can now manage things with HR regarding the attendance of the employees and payroll.